On May 25, we can elect Rob Quist, an authentic Montana voice, to represent us in the U.S. House of Representatives. With this position empty, who do we want as our representative—a millionaire who serves out-of-state interests, or a man who stands up for all Montanans?

We’ve already seen how millionaires in Washington seek to implement a large tax cut to benefit themselves and cut out most Montanans. Rob’s opponent would join those ranks. We need an independent voice. Raised on a ranch in Cut Bank, educated in public schools, owner of a small business, Quist has met the serious challenges faced by many Montanans and succeeded.

As he travels the state, meeting people from all walks of life, Rob is listening to and sharing Montana’s views and values. Quist knows that our wildlands, clean air and water are our heritage and major economic drivers throughout the state. His opponent has sought to close off public land for private use. As a lifelong outdoorsman and advocate for Montana’s wildlands, Quist is the only candidate we can trust to keep our public lands out of private hands. Vote for Rob Quist, the candidate whose voice best represents Montana.

Patti Steinmuller


Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 4/9/17