The Republican attack machines have started. Same attacks with same words, just a different target. The machines now are targeting Rob Quist.

They targeted Bullock with the lie that he would take away your guns. In the five years Steve has been our governor has he ever tried to take away your guns?

The same scurrilous people are attacking Quist with the same outrageous lie that he will take away your guns, Rob grew up in Montana where, unlike New Jersey, for a youngster passing the hunter safety course is almost as important as getting a drivers license.

Hiking, hunting and fishing on Montana Public Lands have always been part of his life. He has owned guns all his adult life. He owns a ranch. A gun is a necessary tool on a ranch.

Rob’s love of Montana, of hunting and fishing, and of the Montana way of life is found in his songs. In his song, “45 Caliber Man” Rob sings, “You can fight for your life and your home and your freedom, or throw it all away. This isn’t a season for the faint of heart. It’s time that we made our stand. If we are ever going to save Montana, it’s going to take a 45-caliber man.” Are these lyrics; is this the song, of a man who will take away your guns? Vote for Rob Quist, a “45 Caliber Man.”

Paul Van Tricht


Billings Gazette, 4/23/17