The reason I moved back to Montana after college 10 years ago is because of the access we enjoy to public lands and rivers here. The freedom to float rivers, climb mountains, and ramble through sagebrush covered hills is something I appreciate and no longer take for granted given that the Republican Party platform calls for transferring ownership of our public lands.

Not only that, so far this year we’ve seen attempts in Congress to outright sell our public lands and a president’s budget that proposes to dramatically underfund the agencies tasked with managing public lands. I want to ensure that whoever represents Montana in Congress understands the importance of, and will be a champion for, keeping public lands in public hands. On May 25 Montanans will vote to choose a new representative to send to DC, and I encourage everybody who values our public lands to vote for Rob Quist. As a true Montanan, Rob Quist understands the cultural value of public lands and is committed to ensuring they stay in public hands.

Hilary Eisen


Billings Gazette, 4/4/17