Gianforte’s smear ads are showing up in Gallatin County. He avoids public appearances and he’s afraid to debate Rob Quist in the congressional race, but he’s happy to let out-of-state money pay for ads against Quist based on lies and distortions. It’s clear that the statements in these ads don’t comport with the facts and Quist’s policy positions.

Gianforte has the gall to run parallel ads pronouncing how he’s on the side of Montanans! This is the guy who blocked stream access across his property, who promotes discrimination against Montanan’s who don’t fit his definition of morality and who wants to steal our public school dollars to support private schools that teach his narrow definitions of science.

Rob Quist may have some of the same flaws as most Montanans but being disingenuous like Gianforte is not one of them. He’s faced many of the same difficulties facing most Montanans and he’s not afraid to fight for the values most Montanans share. I won’t be fooled by Gianforte’s dirty ads and I won’t fall for his phony claims of being on the side of Montanans.

Connie Ostrovsky


Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 4/11/17