I am writing as an American veteran. My own war was Vietnam and I brought back with me the common baggage of that war:

Three combat decorations, the least of which is a Bronze Star, along with a combat disability. I was a Green Beret, a Special Forces medic and for the last 35 years, I’ve worked with veterans and veteran groups.

I write books, help organize and lead veteran trips into wilderness landscapes, trekking in the desert or skiing and mountaineering in Montana — the wounds of war run the spectrum.

These days, I work mostly with younger warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan, protecting rhinos from poachers in Africa or fighting for public lands in Montana. Our key battle today is to elect Rob Quist to Congress.

We hunt and fish and heal on those public lands and Rob’s wealthy opponent has been known to oppose public access. I also believe climate change is today’s greatest threat and I don’t want a congressman representing Montana who doesn’t believe in science.

Quist will fight for all of us, defend our access, our firearms and our wildlands. Rob Quist is a man of the people and it is crucial we elect him to serve Montana.

Doug Peacock
Livingston Enterprise, April 25