On the Issues

It is curious to note that in the history of United Sates, famous artists have had important roles in politics. They are already famous per se, giving them a lot of advantage in comparison to other politicians. 

There have been actors like Clint Eastwood, Sean Duffy, Steven Seagal and of course Arnold Schwarzenegger that ran for offices in their times. It is understood that an artist has the potential of taking political positions because of the approval that people has on them. 

Even Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States was an actor before being president. Now, there is another artist that is aiming to reach to the heavens with his political aspirations, and that man is non-other than Rob Quist.

Rob Quist and his career

Being one of the most important singers of the story of Montana, Rob Quist was awarded for being such an artist. Many of its fans recognized him as the one who caught see hentai the spirit of the West in his songs. This gave him a great popularity, and together with his ideals, he started a political career in January.

Rob Quist and his introduction to politics

Quist announced on January 4th 2017 that he would want to be nominated for the Democratic Party in the election to fill the US House seat held in Ryan Zinke. The former Governor Brian Schweitzer endorsed Quist, and selected him as a party nominee. Ç

2017 Elections

In the moment, he talked about his qualifications in his work with the state: as he argued that he has a lifelong experience travelling in and around Montana. Bernie Sanders and the Our Revolution organization endorsed him in the race and help him with his campaign. Quist direct opposition in the elections was Greg Gianforte, and although they were potentially equal in their respective fields, Gianforte ended winning the elections with a 50% of approval meanwhile lesbian porn Quist only could get 44% (undoubtedly an amazing number of voters).

What several reporters and political analysts think about Quist is that he seeks an economic fairness platform. Instead of focusing on all the scandals made by Trump, he was gathering all his attention into policy decisions by the president and congressional republicans. 

Rob Quist vision about economy and taxes

According to his thoughts, Quist strongly believes that US should move to a single payer healthcare system. He opposed efforts to retake the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka. Obamacare) stating in 2017 that doing it would raise the quality of health costs for the working classes of Montana. What is interesting about his comments is that this is a very consistent reality, as the Kaiser Family Foundation made an analysis confirming it and this also would make a tax cut for millionaires.

Quist senses that US has a serious problem with inequality. Tax breaks for the rich rise up the level of inequality in their society, and he is calling for tax cuts for the working class.

Thoughts about resources of the country

Additionally, Quist is openly against many current issues of the state such as military intervention or the privatization of federal lands. He is indeed looking for politics that would allow transfer money from the federal military budget towards healthcare or social security. He is also interested in the clean coal technology, and other energy sources such as wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy resources.

Rob Quist, LGTB and abortion

Quist have sworn to protect the people against the privatization of public lands, and he believes marijuana should be legalized, saying that the war on drugs has been a failure. Many support him now that he is agree with the marriage of people of the same sex pornstar, and thinks that supports the access of birth control, preventive screenings and abortion rights. In his opinion, women should respect regarding their reproductive rights. He expresses that equity for women must be paid. 

Climate change and Republicans

One of the most important issues about Quist is that he accepts the scientific consensus on climate change, something that most Republicans are against of. He expresses that climate change is crucial, as global warming could have a negative impact in the farms, ranches and economy of Montana and all the country.

Rob Quist and what he thinks about 2020 elections

The elections of 2020 are going to be crucial for Montana, and that is why Rob Quist is communicating people to be wise about the importance of their votes. Will Gianforte be elected again? Opening the shipping ports from Washington to Montana coal using xporn the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution is crucial; it is something that Quist has been looking for. The environmental interests in the region are an important point, as people should be keeping in mind that they must be concerned about climate problems and how they would allow Montana’s higher quality of coal into the Asian market to reduce the atmospheric pollution. 

Indeed, the republicans still pledge Trump to build The Wall to curtail drug abuse, which is recognized as one Montana’s main problems. That is why Rob Quist is certainly sure that the elections of 2020 are going to clarify what the future holds for Montana and the US.