Fundraising Numbers Highlight Unprecedented Level of Enthusiasm for Rob 

HELENA — As New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte writes himself seven figure checks, grassroots supporters from across the state are supporting Rob Quist for Congress.

This morning, Rob Quist for Montana surpassed the $5 million mark highlighting an unprecedented level of enthusiasm for Rob. This includes more than 200,000 individual contributions and an average donation under $25.

“Rob’s story is resonating with voters who want someone who will stand up for them,” said Rob Quist for Montana communications director Tina Olechowski. “After medical complications following surgery, Rob got into debt. He paid off his debt, but Rob believes no one should ever face bankruptcy just because they get sick.”

“Greg Gianforte supports the health care bill that would raise costs for consumers, eliminate health coverage for seventy thousand Montanans, and end protections for pre-existing conditions — all to pay for huge tax breaks for millionaires like Gianforte himself.”

“Rob will represent all Montanans, not just the millionaires — and that’s why he’ll win next week.”