Either you understand what living in Montana your entire life means – the hardships, the trials and tribulations of existing here – or you don’t. This place is not a cakewalk, it is Montana; it is home to many hard-working people who know how hard and cruel this place can be to survive.

This is Rob Quist to a “T,” a down-home Montanan who has met the challenges and still survived. Someone who can understand, have empathy or even compassion for a fellow Montanan when trying times arrive. By the way, those times are here!

On the other hand, Greg Gianforte. As a transplant New Jersey billionaire, I am sure he’ll keep up the tradition of representing Montana as a whole in Washington D.C., just like his former employee Steve Daines, who has proven to be so capable of doing nothing that his campaign promised.

Please go out and vote; it is so very important. Do the right thing for all Montanans, send someone to Washington, D.C., who will carry our voice.

On another note, thank you, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, for being a man of honor and dignity; they do exist in Montana!

John D’Orazi,


Missoulian, 4/9/17