HELENA – One day before the special congressional election, the much-anticipated Congressional Budget Office report on Greg Gianforte’s Un-American Health Care Act confirms the bill would have a disastrous impact on Montana – finding that 23 million Americans would lose their health insurance if it became law.

Rob Quist released the following statement:

“It seems like everyone in Montana knows that the D.C. healthcare bill would be a disaster for our state, except for Greg Gianforte who said he was ‘thankful’ for it. This un-American bill would raise premiums on Montanans, end coverage for at least 70,000 people and eliminate protections for preexisting conditions – all to pay for huge tax breaks for multi-millionaires like Gianforte himself.

“I know what it’s like to lose your health insurance and fall into debt. I paid off my debt, but I’m asking for your vote tomorrow because no one should ever face bankruptcy just because they get sick. In Congress I’ll stand up for our health care and represent all Montanans, not just the millionaires.”