Montana veterans came out today to support Rob Quist as someone who will not only look out for them when they return from service, but who will help keep America safe.

Rob, who has consistently hired veterans and whose own brother served in the armed forces, has stated his commitment to keeping Americans safe while avoiding involvement in costly, unnecessary conflicts, like the Iraq War.

“I’m supporting Rob Quist because he’ll stand up for our values, look after veterans and our families and keep us safe. We need leaders who understand day-to-day life in Montana, not someone who will use veterans for political purposes but who won’t look out for us in Congress.” — Elizabeth Wasson, Former U.S. Army Sergeant

“Rob Quist never has nor ever will turn his back on Veterans. He will always support a strong American military and he will stand tall in the fight against ISIS. I have known Rob since 1966, when we were both students at the University of Montana. Rob is a man of great integrity and will never listen blindly to any faction in Congress. He supports the Second Amendment, as a native-born Montanan, and he will protect our public lands from the billionaires that want to privatize them. We do not need another billionaire in Washington DC. Mr. Gianforte, stop telling lies and face up to the issues like medical care, balanced budgets, and the rebuilding of American infrastructure. — Scott Walker, U.S. Army Colonel (ret.)

“I support Rob Quist for Congress because he understands and honors the sacrifices our male and female Veterans have made for this country. He’ll have our backs and will make sure our fighting men and women have the resources they need to keep us safe.”  — Diane Carlson-Evans, former combat nurse, U.S. Army Nurse Corps

“Montana has the second highest number of veterans per-capita in the country. As a third Generation Montanan, Rob knows that veterans aren’t a special interest group; they’re our brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends. We need Rob Quist in the U.S. House because he’s one of us. He’ll stand up for veterans and he’ll also be a steady hand to keep us safe. Veterans Memorials are sacred places – they don’t belong in sleazy political attack ads. Greg Gianforte should apologize to Montana veterans for trying to use a veterans memorial for his own political gain.” — Former Captain Andrew Person, U.S. Army

Three other Montana veterans, Richard Liebert, U.S. Army Lt. Colonel (ret.), Dyrck Van Hyning U.S. Marine Corps (ret.) and James Benes, U.S. Coast Guard (ret.) made this video to outline their support for Rob Quist.

Rob has said that one of his top priorities will be to serve on the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs to improve VA health care and benefits for the nearly 100,000 Montanans who served in the armed forces.