Invest your vote in Rob Quist

After losing his bid to serve as the governor of the state of Montana, I hoped that Greg Gianforte would return to his roots. Not back to New Jersey, as Montana is his home, but to his original mission of creating jobs by starting [...]

Rob Quist is a Real, Down-Home Montanan

Either you understand what living in Montana your entire life means – the hardships, the trials and tribulations of existing here – or you don’t. This place is not a cakewalk, it is Montana; it is home to many [...]

Vote for Rob Quist, a “45 Caliber Man.”

The Republican attack machines have started. Same attacks with same words, just a different target. The machines now are targeting Rob Quist. They targeted Bullock with the lie that he would take away your guns. In the five years [...]

Putting Montanans First