Rob Quist: Greg Gianforte’s Health Care Bill Would Be Catastrophic for Montana

HELENA – One day before the special congressional election, the much-anticipated Congressional Budget Office report on Greg Gianforte’s Un-American Health Care Act confirms the bill would have a disastrous impact on Montana – finding [...]

Greg Gianforte Stands By Huge Budget Cuts to Medicaid, CHIP

Montana hit hardest in nation by cuts to children’s healthcare HELENA – Greg Gianforte would support the budget plan released today, which doubles down on huge cuts to Medicaid and takes an axe to the Children’s Health Insurance [...]

Rob Quist Tops $6 Million Raised Ahead of Thursday’s Special Election

HELENA — Days after Greg Gianforte wrote himself another six-figure check to his flailing campaign, Rob Quist for Montana surpassed $6 million in grassroots, small-dollar donations — receiving $1 million in contributions [...]

Health Care Becomes Defining Issue of U.S. House Race

Rob Quist will stand up for Montanans’ access to affordable care, while Greg Gianforte is “thankful” for disastrous D.C. bill HELENA – Health care is a top concern for voters heading to the polls for Thursday’s special election to [...]

Over 12,500 Turn Out To Support Rob Quist Ahead of Thursday’s Election

Barnstorming Montana, Bernie Sanders says Quist will shake up D.C. HELENA – More than 12,500 Montanans came out to support Rob Quist at rallies featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders in Missoula, Butte, Billings and Bozeman this weekend. The [...]

NEW STUDY: Greg Gianforte Gets a $8 Million Tax Cut from D.C. Health Care Bill

HELENA – No wonder Greg Gianforte is “thankful” for D.C.’s disastrous health care bill. A study released today reveals that Gianforte would get a $8 million tax cut should the so-called American Health Care Act become law. That’s [...]

Rob Quist: Health care is at stake in election

Over the past few months, I’ve had the greatest privilege of my life campaigning to serve Montana in the U.S. House. I’ve traveled to every corner of the state and met with people of all ages and backgrounds who have [...]

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