Today, Wednesday, May 4, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to hurt my family and to threaten my downtown business. Our business has successfully used the ACA for affordable health coverage. We also use it for our full-time employees.

The old system was complicated and confusing. The ACA marketplace helped immensely. Clear, good coverage, preventive and most important it covered preexisting conditions.

One of my family members has a preexisting condition. We would not get health care because of that preexisting condition. If anyone’s health fails, as inevitable for everyone, we will have to pay much more for health care. The high-risk pools are underfunded, and a give away to the insurance company.

There is a good chance that in a major medical emergency, we will have to drop our coverage of employees, and declare medical bankruptcy. Our long-term business is now at risk.

We have an opportunity in Montana um, right now. We have two candidates for special election for Congress. One, Rob Quist, has clearly stated his opposition to repeal essential healthcare.

The other, Greg Gianforte, has supported repeal of the ACA. I’m voting for Montana, for Rob Quist. Let’s show America that Montana has a heart.

Billy McWilliams


Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 5/14/2017