HELENA – Montanans have an opportunity next week to send a clear message that the D.C. health care bill Greg Gianforte is “thankful” for is unacceptable to hardworking families, said former Montana Senate Minority Leader Carol Williams in a video released today by Rob Quist for Montana.;

“Montanans are the only ones in the whole country who get to give a referendum on health care right now in this election. And Montanans can tell the whole country that they’re not satisfied with the health care bill moving through the Congress,” said Senator Williams.

“I think that people with preexisting conditions should be particularly conscious of this election. I think those folks have no idea what it’s going to be like to go and get health care from another source. And it’ll be very expensive – if it’s available at all.”

The so-called “American Health Care Act” would end protections for people with preexisting conditions. More than 426,000 Montanans have preexisting conditions and their much-needed coverage would be put at risk.

Rob Quist this week is hosting “Hands Off Our Health Care” events across the state to raise awareness about the terrible bill and to give Montanans a voice as politicians like Gianforte work against Montana’s interests.

The bill that Gianforte supports would raise costs on consumers, eliminate health coverage for 70,000 Montanans and end protections for pre-existing conditions, while granting huge tax breaks for millionaires like Gianforte.