Growing up in rural Montana taught me how to be resourceful and what it takes to thrive in sometimes challenging situations.

I know a lot of Montana families struggle to make ends meet. They don’t ask for much. They just don’t want the government to punish those who work by stacking the deck against them.

Unfortunately, that’s what we’re getting out of leaders in Washington D.C. We have a system that benefits millionaires and billionaires at the expense of working families. That has to change.

One of my top priorities in Congress would be to stop corporate interests dictating policies that benefit only themselves while leaving everyone else behind.

Each year, millions of American jobs are lost when corporations decide to close down their factories and move their operations overseas. And right now, those corporations are given big tax breaks while small businesses struggle with high taxes and regulations that limit their ability to grow and compete.

My opponent supports the tax system that rewards companies for outsourcing jobs.

In fact, he himself outsourced jobs to India and Armenia and profited off of helping companies eliminate American jobs.

As a small business owner and a product of the Montana farming and ranching community, I know what is at stake. Hard-working middle-class Montana families have been carrying the burden long enough.

My opponent wants to continue a failed system that gives tax breaks to the top. He’ll benefit from it but the average Montanan will not. It’s big tax giveaways that doesn’t help the local economy while passing the buck on to future generations.

In fact, just this week, the very D.C. special interest groups funding his campaign for U.S. Congress helped pass a health care bill that not only raises premiums on working Montanans, it also cuts taxes for those at the very top.

No real Montanan would do that.

We can’t keep sending millionaires to Washington, D.C. to cozy up to special interests and expect them to look out for the rest of us. Or even to understand what life is like for working Montana families. The contrast in this race couldn’t be clearer.

Self-interest and self-serving policies in D.C. have gone on long enough.

As Montana’s Congressman, I will fight to give tax breaks to Montana working families and close loopholes that reward corporations that outsource jobs.

I’m going to make sure we give small businesses and people who work hard a tax break instead.

Montanans are hard-working, self-reliant people. They don’t ask expect handouts. They simply ask that everyone plays by the same rules.

As your next Congressman, I will be an independent voice that will fight to make sure the rules benefit all Montanans.

via Billings Gazette